Goa by Train

Indian Railways connects Goa with direct train services from Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Mangalore, Kochi, Kolkata, Thiruvanantapuram, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. The destination station is usually Madgaon in South Goa. Travelling to Goa by train is a real pleasure as the route passes through greenery and many tunnels. Goa is also connected to Pune via the Belgaum Miraj line. A railway station most tourists tend to miss is Thivim, which is served by most trains and is just 20 minutes away from Calangute beach by taxi. For budget travellers, this is the cheapest option, along with being faster and much more comfortable than travelling by road. It is advisable for tourists to make reservations well in advance as the major trains (Konkan Kanya, Nethravati Express, etc.) are usually heavily booked.

Trains from Mumbai and most other places have a quota of seats set aside for tourists. Quota tickets must be purchased in person at the rail station by the tourist and cannot be booked via a travel agent. Note that quota tickets are only sold at the station of origin. Tickets can be booked online
Unless traveling on a shoestring budget, it is advisable to travel in air conditioned sleeper coaches. These are quieter and much more comfortable. Each bunk is provided with two freshly laundered sheets, a blanket, and a pillow. You can also have a hand towel on request.

Most travel agents will book tickets for a small fee (₹200), but be aware that trains do get busy and you need to book in advance. Do not leave booking your ticket to the last moment as you may be disappointed. 

  1. Thivim Railway station: This station is approx. 48 Kms from the airport, 19 Kms from Baga beach, 18 Kms from Calangute beach, 20 Kms from Candolim beach, 27 Kms from Margao, 48 Kms from Vasco Da Gama, and 22 Kms from Panaji. The station offers many facilities, such as computerized reservation office, waiting room, tea and book stall, parking area, general store, and telephone booth.
    The station is located on the Madgaon Sawantwadi rail route. It is well connected with major trains such as Konkan Kanya Express, Dadar Madgaon Jan Shatabdi Express, Ernakulam Okha Express, and Mandavi Express.

  2. Vasco Railway Station: It is one of the main railway stations of Goa. It is approx 4 Kms from the airport, 1 Km from St Andrews church, 8 Kms from Naval aviation museum, 18 Kms from Velsao beach, 9 Kms from Bogmalo beach, and 30 Kms from Panaji. The station is very well connected to Hospet, Belgaum, Hyderabad, and Hubli by meter gauge rail. Moreover, this station is connected by most of the trains running to Goa, such as Vasco Da Gama Chennai Express, Vasco Da Gama Kacheguda Express, Goa Express, Londa Vasco Da Gama Express, Vijaywada vasco Da Gama, and many more. You can easily get a cab and private buses from the station. Many hotels and resorts are sited close to this station. The station offers amenities such as retiring room, computerized reservation office, waiting room, information centre, telephone booth, book and tea stall, etc.
  3. Margo Railway Station: It is located just 2 Kms east of the city center. It is approx. 28 Kms from the airport, 10 Kms from Colva beach, 32 Kms from Vasco Da Gama, 15 Kms from Majorda beach, 38 Kms form Panaji, and 37 Kms from Christian Art museum. It is one of the crowded railway stations of Goa. The station offers many amenities, such as retiring room, waiting room, computerized reservation office, air conditioned lounge, tourist information centre, refreshment room for both vegetarian and non vegetarian food, book stall, tea stall, mobile trolley, telephone booth, general store, ice cream parlor, cyber cafe, and parking area.
    The station is under the administrative control of the Konkan Railways. Some of the main trains that pass through this station are Dadar Madgaon Jan Shatabdi Express, Goa Sampark Kranti Express, Goa Express, Konkan Kanya Express, Mandavi Express, Hapa Express, and Netravathi Express. The station is close to Kadamba bus stand. There are many hotels and resorts in the close vicinity that offer comfortable stay to tourists.

  4. Including these three, there are many other railway stations in Goa, such as Karmali Railway station, Panjim Railway station, Curchorem Railway station, Canacona Railway station, and Cansaulim Railway station.

From Goa to : Ahmedabad . Ernakulam . Gandhidham
. Hapa . Howrah . Jaipur . Jodhpur . Karwar . Mangalore . Mumbai . Nagercoil
. New Delhi . Okha . Puna . Trivandrum . Vijaywada . Yeshwantpur .
To Goa from : Ahmedabad . Ernakulam . Gandhidham
. Hapa . Howrah . Jaipur . Jodhpur . Karwar . Mangalore . Mumbai . Nagercoil
. New Delhi . Okha . Puna . Trivandrum . Vijaywada . Yeshwantpur .
Departures (From Goa to other destinations)
Train Name Train No. Margao Karmali Thivim Vasco Arrival Operation
Ernakulam Poorna Express  1097  1325        04205  Sat 
Marusagar Express  2978  1325        0420  Fri 
Okha Ernakulum Express  6337  0745        2250  Mon, Sat 
Nagercoil Gandhidham Express  6336  1055        1410  Tue 
Okha Express  6338  1055        1350  Wed, Fri 
VSG Howrah Express  2848        0750  2225  Tue, Thr, Fri
Marusagar Express  2977  1035    1120    1405  Sun 
Trivandrum Jodhpur Express  6312  1055        1700  Sat 
Janashatabdi Express  2071  1600        2150  Daily 
Matsyaganda Exp.  2619  0020        0615  Daily 
Netravati Express  6346  0600  0633  0710    1640  Daily 
Mandovi Express  0104  1000  1028  1045    2145  Daily 
Matsyagandha Express  2620  2055        0635  Daily 
Janashatabdi Express  2052  1420    1502    2255  Except Wed 
Konkan Kanya Express  0112  1800  1832  1850    0550  Daily 
Nagercoil Gandhidham Express  6335  0745        0440  Fri 
New Delhi 
Ernakulam Nizamuddin Mangala Express  1097  0335    0422    1320  Daily 
Sampark Kranti Express  2653  0210        1105  Sat 
Rajdhani Express  2431  1035        1235  Tue & Thr 
Goa Sampark Kranti Expres  2449  1120  1150  1208    1645  Tue 
Okha Express  6338  1055    1143    1730  Wed, Fri 
Poona Express  1098  1520        0505  Mon 
Trivandrum Veraval Express  6333  0850        0600  Thr 
Netravati Express  6345  2230        1840  Daily 
Rajdhani Express  2432  1235        0525  Tue, Sun 
Nagercoil Gandhidham Express  6335  0745        0310  Fri 
Bikaner Trivandrum Express  6311  0745        0310  Tue 
Veraval Trivandrum Express  6333  0745        0310  Thr 
Arrivals (From other destinations to Goa)
Train Name Train No. Departure Vasco Thivim Karmali Margao Operation
Mangala Express  2617  1245    0420    0325  Daily 
Ernakulam Pooma Express  1098  2245        1500  Mon 
Ernakulam Hapa Express  6338  1955        1045  Wed, Fri 
Marusagar Express  2977  1955        1025  Sun 
Gandhidham Nagercoil Express  6335  0520        0735  Fri 
Ernakulam Hapa Express  6337  0515        0735  Mon, Sat 
Amravati Express  2847  2330  1420      1900  Mon, Tue, Thr & 
Jaipur Emakulam Marusagar Expr  2978  1005    1150    1315  Fri 
Trivandrum Jodhpur Express  6311  0045        0735  Tue 
Matsyaganda Exp.  2620  1440        2045  Daily 
Netravati Express  6345  1140    2228  2154  2230  Daily 
Mandovi Express  0103  0655    1712  1733  1845  Daily 
Matsyagandha Express  2619  1405        0010  Daily 
Janashatabdi Express  2051  0530    1302    1355  Except Wed 
Konkan Kanya Express  0111  2300    0926  0948  1045  Daily 
Gandhidham Nagercoil Express  6336  1330        1045  Tue 
New Delhi 
Emakulam Nizamuddin Mangala Ex  2618  0920    1758    1925  Daily 
Goa Sampark Kranti Express  2450  0730  1315  1148  1358  0730  Sat 
Rajdhani Express  2432  1105        1225  Tue, Sun 
Kerala Sampark Kranti Express  2654  1400        2050  Wed 
Okha Ernakulum Express  6337  0150    0631    0735  Mon, Sat 
Emakulam Pooma Express  1097  2310        1305  Sat 
Trivandrum Jodhpur Express  6312  1515        1045  Sat 
Trivandrum Veraval Express  6334  1515        1125  Mon 
Netravati Express  6346  1000        0550  Daily 
Rajdhani Express  2431  1915        1025  Tue, Thr 
Gandhidham Nagercoil Express  6336  1515        1045  Tue 

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